2022-23 Room Representatives


Mrs. Serrano: Stacey Irvin and Candice Hutcheson

Mrs. Hastings: Jennie Bledsoe and Elysse Denton

1st Grade

Mrs. Seale: Sarah Youngblood and Meredith Bills

Mrs. Jenkins: Ashley Smith and Justin Ruths

2nd Grade

Mrs. Billmyer: Chrissy Stansell and Lexi Furlong

Mrs. Bilbo: Brittany Whitehead and Jennifer McDaniel

3rd Grade

Mrs. Rodgers: Seema Rao and Kim Pearson

Mrs. Tapp: Susan Murray and Carmony Bentley

4th Grade

Mrs. Buck: Paige Franks and Brandi Rucker

Ms. Gunn: Sherry Clemens and Ashley Pulliam


Mrs. Bailey: Chantelle Chandler and McKensey Scurlock

Mrs. B. Taylor: Kyla Obert and Jennifer Whitaker

6th Grade

Mrs. Moore: Kimberly Bates and Elysse Denton and Lynne Day

Mrs. L. Taylor: Leah Robinson and Dina Ali and Afrat Spalding


PTA Room Rep Coordinator: Jackie Carson